We understand that losing a someone is a difficult time, so we aim to make the process of choosing flowers for your loved one as simple and stress free as possible. We have a selection of examples for you to browse through to give you ideas for your bespoke tribute, to ensure your needs are met we would like to discuss in person or over the phone. Please call 0208-892-1951 to arrange an appointment or discuss further.
See our gallery for some of our work.


Wreaths can be made in various sizes and designs.
Wreaths prices start from £40

Double Ended Sprays

Double ended sprays come in a variety of sizes and designs.
Double ended sprays prices start from £60

Word & Name Tributes

Word and name tributes can be made in a base of chrysanthemums with floral arrangements throughout or made “open” with a selection of different flowers of your choice.
Prices start from £45 per letter

Open & Closed Hearts

Hearts can be based in chrysanthemums with floral arrangements or made “open” with a selection of different flowers of your choice. They are available in a range of colours and sizes.

Bespoke Tributes

Funeral flowers can be chosen to represent the life and character of the deceased. This selection of bespoke funeral tributes have each been individually designed for a truly unique send off. Please browse for inspiration and ideas then give us a call so we can work together to design a fitting floral representation of your loved ones life and personality.

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Please get in touch with us if you are planning a particular event and need any assistance. We specialise in wedding arrangements and funeral flowers, as well as private and corporate events. If you want to keep up-to-date with our news and products, please follow us on Facebook and Instagram or create an account to receive our upcoming newsletter.

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